Let’s have a sexy summer showtime! June 21 2014, 0 Comments




Dear fashionistas,

Can you still remember the amazing Marc Jacobs’ collection for Louis Vuitton’s latest Spring/Summer season fashion show? It was most outstanding and in case you’ve missed it, here is the YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igmtA_yKUH8

It was a sensational big bang; the final statement to end Marc Jacobs’ era with this reputational French fashion house.http:show-for-louis-vuitton

Marc Jacobs’ show was also interesting because this collection gives us plenty of ideas for our private showtimes at home: Make your appearance remarkable, be gorgeous, be a showgirl! Take the breath away from your sweetheart! Give him a performance he never will forget.

But how to go about doing that?

Be mysterious, wear black. Black is the most seductive color as it never goes out of style and looks sensational on every woman. Select lingerie made of high quality materials because you don´t want to leave a sleazy tacky impression. Black lace is always a good choice! It is ever so sophisticated and never fails to work its mojo. Below is a classic black lace slip dress.

What about pearls? Oh yes, so nice and delicate! And if you have seen “Sex and the City” then you know how naughty pearls can be! Yes, be naughty!

Do also try crotchless briefs, peephole bras and open cup babydolls!

My special recommendation for A-Cup girls who don’t feel comfortable wearing open cup bras is to try versions such as the one shown below.

The bra has a padded and push-up cup to give you a sexy cleavage and is covered with a see-through mesh or lace to maintain the sexy and light feeling.

Last but not least, let´s think about accessories. One can never go wrong with teasing. Have you ever tried whips or tassels? If not, this is your opportunity! In line with the big glamour theme, we use chichi kits with rhinestones (but of course), marabou feathers or sequins.

And now, let’s have a sexy summer showtime !